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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening has taken on a new meaning in the potager at La Foucaudiere. Fudge is being drilled in seek and destroy tactics as together we face the enemy...rabbits!! It's all my fault as I left the garden gate open one day and in walked a rabbit in a daring daylight raid on my lovingly nurtured veggies. I had been caught unawares as there have never been rabbits in the garden before but I was not going to get caught out again - the gate was now shut and locked but too late .... once tasted, early radishes are not easily forgotten and the rabbits - mere babes, managed to squeeze through the garden fence on a regular basis. Working on the premise that it's necessary to put together a psych0logical profile of the enemy prior to working out a plan of attack, I tracked down a copy of Peter Rabbit in the local library and learned that in France he goes under the nom de guerre of Jeannot Lapin. My study of the workings of the rabbit mind resulted in a clearer understanding of the what we were up against and the answer was staring me in the face..... with a ball in her mouth. Yes.... Fudge was my only hope. At this point I must thank Rita and Nigel, two visiting experts who kindly helped with her initial training. Now a finely honed killing machine, Fudge is ready to charge of into the hedge as soon as I mutter the 'R' word. Alas until now all efforts to rid ourselves of the long eared, nose twitching, lettuce eating menace have been in vain and we have resorted to other tactics (see pic). The patent rabbit trapping device has been lent to us courtesy of our French neighbour. Never known to fail but it would seem that seem that wily Jeannot is a step ahead of the game and is determined not to set foot inside the box! Meanwhile it looks like we will have to survive on a diet onions and potatoes this year - the only things the rabbits haven't tucked into.

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  1. I bet Guy has something a little deadlier than a wire box that he could lend you.