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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Who's Twitterring at La Foucaudiere

Twittering is not new to the inhabitants of La Foucaudiere. Surrounded by trees and hedges it's a dream location, especially if you are a bird. From early Spring onwards the garden is full of twitterers, so when a visitor to the gites last August pointed out that she hadn't heard any birds singing at all, I was dismayed...but she was right.. there wasn't a single chirrup or tweet disturbing the calm. A bit of a let down for visitors arriving in the heart of the Normandy countryside only to find it so tranquil that not even a single bird is singing! To guarantee a constant serenade I have now taken steps to ensure that every bird in the neighbourhood knows where they can pitch up for some quality grub and once here, hopefully they will stay and not decide to to pack their bags in July and head off 'en vacances'. Luscious fat balls are tempting an array of visitors - most impressively a lesser spotted woodpecker who demolishes a single fat ball in 24 hours. The woodpecker has now taken to turning up with an offspring in tow, so all the smaller birds have to hang around until the woodpeckers have gorged themselves, before they can get a look-in. A couple of days ago a nuthatch also arrived and it too is now getting in on the action!

One of the nicest thing to see in the Spring, albeit not in my garden but along the leafy lane , was a whole family of wrens flitting between the branches of the beech trees. For such small birds they were really raucous - quite outraged that Fudge and I should stray into their territory!


  1. OMG Alison, thought you's secumbed to the 'T' word!

  2. Actually, I AM signed up to to Twitter but didn't quite get it....must have another go as, having cracked the mysteries of 'the blog' I think I am ready for another challenge!!