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Thursday, 27 August 2009

On a Parisian note

Reading Tina Tarnoff's posting yesterday inspired me to dig out some photo's from a trip to Paris last year. Being only a couple of hours away from the capital by train I imagined that I would be popping off to the metropolis at the drop of a beret ....but I quickly discovered that a landlady's life is not all galivanting and I didn't manage to get there until late November. Having been holed up in the rural provinces for the preceding 6 months it came as quite a shock to find the streets still buzzing with life at midnight ( and later you will probably add!) Quite a contrast to the nightlife in these parts, where it is quite difficult to establish exactly which evenings particular restaurants are open and then finding that they are mopping the floors and pulling down the shutters by 9pm.

Continuing on a Parisian theme, I came across Jonas Wunderman yesterday - a struggling writer in Paris. Sounds quite romantic to me - but I imagine he would be happy to to upgrade from 'struggling' to 'published'.

Window Shopping

A little Autumn number for Fudge perhaps?

Whereas this has definitely got my name on it......... do these!

Perhaps something a little healthier

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  1. You could knit one of those cool grey jobbies for Fudge. If you get knitting right away, you could even knit one for yourself to match by winter. Wow the Norman farmers on your morning walks