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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What vampires eat for breakfast

'My God!' you might think. 'This is surely taking method acting a bit too far!' (see previous post)

This is the most amazing jam I have ever made.

'But what about the poor victim?'
None other than this unremarkable..........

...........Peach, which when it is cut open reveals an unusually red-tinged flesh.

All summer long these peaches have remained resolutely unripe and then suddenly a couple of weeks ago, after we had some rain, they started to plump up and fall from the tree. The resulting jam is an incredible ruby red colour with a distinctly peachy flavour.

Now, I must stop playing with the kitchen knife and get back in my coffin.

Before I go I will pass on this award, which I was delighted to receive earlier this week.

So Cheeky Lemur this is for you!


  1. Thanks Alison, this is so unexpected...I'd like to thank my agent, my producer, the superb cast...................

  2. Oh that really looked like raspberry jam, the peach is gorgeous looking. Must be tasty jam ... can you hear me in your coffin!

    Congrats CheekyLemur.

  3. Any news on the pup front?
    ...she asked with fingers crossed..

  4. Oh would that peaches would grow here - i love the sound of that peachjam. Amazing that it should turn out such a colour. I did make some peach chutney (from bought peaches) and it is delicious but turned our a rather odd coloour.

  5. You always put together a beautiful composition. Must be that artistic eye. If you get bored you should try photography!

  6. Oh just cause they're no fun, bet they all wished they did make an effort after seeing you ... lady goth :o

  7. save some for me. im so glad they finally came to fruition.