Not always..... 'a tranquil retreat in the heart of the Normandy countryside'

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Desperate guests attempt to leave Normandy Gites

The snow fall just before Christmas made access to the gites just a little bit tricky. The normally picturesquely winding lane that leads to our hamlet became almost immediately impassable much to the horror of my captive guests, Dave and Lynn. Finding themselves potentially stranded for an indeterminable period with inadequate food supplies was not quite the Christmas they had planned. Dave kept asking whether I had a turkey, imagining no doubt that I had a larder stuffed to overflowing with hearty treats. I didn't like to disillusion him but Fudge and I do survive on fairly meagre bulging store cupboard or jam-packed freezer.

The romance of the peasant life-style held no allure for Lynn who kept pointing out that she had to go home for a PARTY!! A party? As it turned out a rescue party materialised in the form of the Mairie and his deputy driving a big green tractor with monster, snow-crunching wheels. Dave and Lynn had their bags in the boot of the car and were hooked up to the tractor and ....they were away with scarcely a backward glance!

Fudge, who had been rather anxious about the whole situation, breathed a sigh of relief!


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOVE IT

    And love little Fudge's thought on the whole matter!!

    Enjoy the snow!! x Julie

  2. I know the snow can be a pain, but it was lovely in your pictures. Was that a real donkey? And what is a gite? I'm cat curious? Love your blog.

  3. Snow! Such a wonderful thing at Christmas.

  4. There is a man in the village who makes all sorts of wild and whacky models and displays them in his garden The Extraordinary Garden

    A gite is a self catering holiday cottage!

  5. What a great getaway display!

    Oh I thought it would add to the magic of Christmas .. stranded with no food..don't know why they were in such a hurry.

    Fudge at least was pleased...I love that picture of her cute little head gazing at the tracks of the departing guests.
    xxx DJ

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