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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fungus Foray

If you go down to the woods today...

be sure of a big might find some tasty treats...In the gloom of the forest we bumped into.........
a frenchman with a basket full of.......... little mushrooms like this .............

which he said were very tasty (hmmm. Those little one's look like toadstools to me!).
Nevertheless, it narrowed down the search a bit as we had been picking anything that looked plump and juicy. (We were consulting our mushroom guide book I hasten to add!)

Of course, looks can be deceiving so .................

The pharmacist confirmed what the frenchman in the woods had told us...... that the common chanterelles and the larger girondelles were really good to eat. In fact I think we could have sold them to several of the customers in the shop who were keen to know where we had found them! Sadly, we were told that we couldn't eat these..........They all looked pretty good to me, but in amongst them was a poisonous boletus, which because it had been in the basket with the others, may have tainted them so we were told to throw them ALL away!
The moral of this tale of course is, 'Never put all your mushrooms in one basket'!


  1. ...they are girolles! lol, not to be confused with hirondelle which are also edible

  2. ha ha. i enjoyed this very much. but moral of the tale is that there are poisonous mushrooms out there. im glad you had them checked out. is will scared of spiders?? big wuss. glad to see my hoodie is being put to good use but dont get used to it. i want it back at christmas!