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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Chicken of the Woods: a-foraging we will go....

Wednesday morning saw us (me, my neighbour Julia, fledgling forager Libby and Fudge, who is a trainee truffle hunter ) marching off down the lane with our foraging kit i.e. a basket and sharp knife.  Julia had spotted a plump juicy chicken nestling by an old tree trunk.  This was no ordinary chicken but a large, free range fungus!!
Undeterred by electric fences, inquisitive heifers and numerous cow pats we crossed the field and collected several chunks of the large bracket fungus, which is otherwise known as Laetiporus sulphureus.
The sulphurous yellow colour of the underside of the fungus doesn't look particularly appealing but it smelt deliciously mushroomy. So what did it taste like?  Well - a bit disappointing really.  It was quite dry and hard so maybe our 'chicken' was a bit old although it looked young and fresh.  I cut it into pieces and fried it in butter and garlic.  I then added tomatoes to help soften it but although the resulting sauce was tasty, the 'meat' wasn't.  I think we have to find a younger fungus next time!

Fudge thinks she will stick to a nice chunky stick!

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