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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A (dead) elephant in the garden.....?

If you google 'Elephant Lily' you will come up with lots of lovely photos of this dear little baby elephant....
Elephant lily
but this wasn't quite what I was searching for when I tried to find out more about the curious tuber I'd planted in a pot in the garden two summers ago. 
I waited in vain for a spectacular plant to appear......the pot got tucked away in a corner over winter and it wasn't until this Spring that I realised that something interesting was sprouting.
By May the large, tightly wrapped flower started to unfurl.

A few days ago the waiting was over...

This amazing plant is an amorphophallus konjac.  It has even more impressive relatives....

This is the amorphophallus titanum more commonely known as the Titan Arum or The Corpse Flower because of the stench of rotting meat which it gives off . 

The amorphophallus konjac is also fairly pungent and might be more appropriately called 'Dead Elephant Lily' ! 

Orchard Gites in Normandy amorphophallus konjac

I decided to move it away from beside the door of the gites to a spot in the garden where it can be admired but not smelt! A corpse-like smell might be rather unnerving for the guests.....

Fawlty Towers - The Kipper and the Corpse

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