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Monday, 14 September 2009

That perfect cup...

Some weeks ago littlebrownpen posted a photo of a coffee cup, which made me think how nice to have just the right cup. As I now have my lovely garden seat I decided to track down some teacups so that when guests arrive at the gites I can offer them a welcome cup of the most perfect of teacups!
I was thinking along chintzy lines - to epitomise the summery, garden experience but somehow that kind of design seemed rather old hat (or old cup!) Then I came across these and knew they were the ones - a sunny apple green with distinctly contemporary overlapping flowers and foliage. Perfection.
Let's hope that the September sun keeps on shining so that the next new arrivals can sip their tea, safe in the knowledge that they have chosen to come to just the right gites!


  1. A very chic cup of tea. I have had to find mansize mugs this week as the builders complained that my stylish ceramics were too girlie and small so I had a quick soiree down to Homebase for big man mugs [although I did have to opt for the pretty ones decorated with fondant fancy cakes............that'll learn them to criticise my pottery] My special 'queen of still reserved for only my very special visitors.
    Love the flowery pictures. keep photographing xx

  2. The gardens at Christain Dior's villa are really stunning - lots of vibrant colours - oranges and purples etc - quite inspiring. They are at their best at the end of the summer-July and August. The geraniums in the windowboxes wherever you go, also look fantastic at this time of the year - masses of tumbling reds and pinks - I must try and get my geraniums off to a better start next year!

  3. Your choice of teacup is gorgeous and just perfect for your garden! Lee :)

    P.S. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog.

  4. I see you have matched the teacup very nicely to the green of the vines, the white painted window and the blue of the chair in the background. An excellent choice.

  5. Greetings from the large Island in the middle of nowhere,

    Was reading your previous posts and was in hysterics over poor Fudge fending off Oliver's advances, but I see in the sidebar that it's a done deed!

    The car in the ditch, what a neighbour you have, A Winch ... who has a winch!

    re comment: I hurriedly checked to see if Jason was legal, whew he's a respectable 38.

    I was intrigued by your profile shot, I see now that you are being attacked by a Rhino! How very unpleasant!