Not always..... 'a tranquil retreat in the heart of the Normandy countryside'

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Top Tips for B&B Owners. no 2: Get those guests working ( Hmmm...isnt that the same as Tip no.1?)

The downside of living somewhere reminiscent of the Garden of Eden is that the place is just dripping with apples. So lovely....soooo rosy, but these apples are sadly not the sweet, tempting variety but are dry, astringent fruit destined for the cider barrell! This would be fine if I had a cider barrell of my own but as I don't, I have to pick them up and take them off to the local agricultural co-operative where they get weighed in and tipped unceremoniously onto a big heap before being taken off to make commercial cider.

Last year, as a novice at the game, I carefully sorted the fruit as I piled them into the trailer, throwing out anything slightly bruised or rotten. This year as the crop is rather meagre, I chucked everything in including marble sized apples, decidedly on-the-road-to-rotten apples and apples that have been half eaten by mice.

On a lovely sunny September day it might seem like a perfect job but after a while it loses it's appeal. Fortunately this is where those BandB guests come in.............after all it's all part of the Normandy holiday experience! So thanks go to this week's visitors who so kindly lent a hand.

The next load of fruit is due to go in on October the 7th so if you fancy a working holiday this Autumn you know where to come!


  1. Oh yes that's the ticket, as you say it's part of the experience. Is that fudge helping or randy old Oliver!

  2. That's Fudge who is sure we've got it all wrong and thinks that we should be collecting sticks. Fortunately Oliver was only visiting for a couple of weeks in the summer!

    I should add that Fudge's fall from grace earlier in the year was with the French neighbour's dog, not Oliver. The worst thing about the whole incident was that the dog in question was chained up at home and Fudge paid him a visit! I'm sure he lured her over there with promises of 'treats' and 'surprises'!

  3. I would be more than happy to help!
    And Edward, of course, could help Fudge with those sticks!!