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Sunday, 11 October 2009

La vie d'amour de Caramel

Meet Bill, who has always claimed to have a place in his heart for his 'petit Caramel' (Caramel being,'ve guessed it, Fudge!). He introduced himself as soon as we moved in, declaring himself to be an honourable and entirely suitable companion for la chienne anglaise. What an admirable chap I thought, happy that Fudge would have the opportunity to practise her language skills. He has proved to be a trusty companion, gamely trying to understanding the complex rules of 'chase the tennis ball' and 'kill the stick'.
Indeed, Fudge's loss of innocence this Spring had nothing to do with Bill. Although there was an occasion when I allowed my watchful eye to wander and he took advantage of this lapse of attention but he took so long deciding which end to go for that I had ample time to send him packing. No, it was the work of the more astute Tim. Tim (who is in fact Bill's dad) was much more clued up. Not only was he clued up but he was also tied up which indicates, I fear, the rather wanton nature of Fudge! The fall from grace, as I have explained in the comments section of the previous post, did not result in a brood of pups but it is now that time of year again when Fudge's head is filled with fancies and even I am thinking well ....puppies might be nice!
Not wishing to be an irresponsible pet owner I am reluctant to let nature take it's course although lots of visitors have said that they would love a Fudgie offspring. The problem is that it is now winter and those potential pup purchasers have all gone home. In the summer, when puppies would no doubt be very popular (ooops - I nearly wrote poopular!) I would be tripping over little furry bundles whilst trying to serve up breakfasts and evening meals.

I suppose if Bill were just a little brighter and just got on with the job before I had a chance to intervene that would be that! I could then go and complain to my French neighbour that he had allowed his dog to stray and shift the burden of responsibility.
Bill, is after all, rather cute!


  1. Look at that second picture...Bill was actually asking your permission. Ball's in your court Madame.

  2. Oh he's utterly adorable, really sweet. Whatever happened to old rickets Oliver?

    btw please excuse my spelling in last comment, I get a bit carried away and don't check it.

    I'm still looking at the first pic .. sigh.

  3. hi alison, just popped over to see you. It actually does look like the other side of Eden here.

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  5. its totally fudges wanton nature - she went back for seconds!!! also stop talking bout the bloomin dog. this is becoming a blog about a dog. or at least her sex life.

  6. The dog is integral part of life here!! I can't not mention her and her exploits!