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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Style Guru

The guests have gone and I have swapped roles from that of land-lady to land girl. Off with the pinny and on with the wellies. With no-one around I just put on whatever comes to hand in the mornings - that time-less layered look...old tops and jeans, Lumberjack style fleecy shirt (save me from myself!) odd socks and if the weather demands wooly hat, holey gloves, shapeless coat. The fetching result is not far off that pictured above. Yes I could almost be mistaken for Miss Stevens, a lady known to me when I was a young thing with agricultural aspirations (I used to help with the milking on her farm).

That practical dress sense obviously made an impression on me but a timely posting on Dustjacket Attic's stylish blog has served to put me on the right path. Yes this is the look I should obviously be aiming for.

Sorry Fudge - you need to go too! An elegant cat is definitely the more classy accessory.

Photo showing the right way to dress for the garden by Troyt Coburn for Vogue Australia, March '09
Photo of Miss Stevens by Nick Spurling


  1. Sorry, but that outfit wouldn't last long in my garden! I am more of a top photograph type myself (although my alter ego would like to be in fashionable gear).

  2. Comfy and warm is good, just as long as you don't stoop to wearing your slippers around town....

  3. Oh that is hilarious Alison, you go girl.... but we cannot get rid of Fudge, we need her for future humurous blog stories for sure.

    Laughed at cheekylemur's comment, that's right you just get a grip if your thinking of that!

    btw thank you very much for your comment today, was quite chuffed.

  4. Can I put my name on the list for potential new homes for Fudgie?

  5. Oh Fudge - are there puppies on the way (love her head-dress)?
    You ask about Tess and rabbits - she chases them until they go into the ground. A few weeks ago our sheep dog dug up a nest and between them the two dogs carried all the babies gently back to the farmer and put them at his feet! So in answer to your question - her mother was an excellent ratter and rabbiter but Tess just likes chasing them, nothing more.

  6. I think Cheeky Lemur is offering a home to Fudge, should she no longer be an appropriate fashion statement!
    Re puppies: After a protracted 'phantom' pregnancy earlier this year, moans of 'I can't face my breakfast' and 'I just want stay in my basket and look after the puppy (aka a tennis ball!)' Fudge was pronounced 'not pregnant' by the French neighbour. Life then resumed as normal.
    It's now that time of the year again and Fudge has been rifling through my make up bag - prepearing, no doubt, for a night on the town. I can't quite bring myself to let her go visiting again though!

  7. I like to think of myself as a cross between the two pictures, just not quite sure which bit goes where.