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Friday, 2 October 2009

Where's the grit?

A new visitor to The Other Side of Eden has commented that the blog lacks grit! So here is the missing grit incorporated into a series of sculptural ceramic pieces created by Stephanie Gorman. Chicken grit, glass, salt and black clay are embedded into each piece before firing, resulting in a beautiful, textured suface.

I am missing the point of course and what my visitor would really like to find here is the unexpurgated description of life in the rural idyll. Alas I must err on the side of tact rather than texture and although I often feel that here at Foucauderie Towers I am playing the part of Basil Fawlty and Manuel all rolled into one, I aspire to remain as calm and gracious as Sybil and as capable as Polly.

Of course there will always be the rare occasion when that corpse pops out of the continue to watch this space for the odd, gritty tale.


  1. Interesting sculptures you have there. I am really enjoying your blog - don't change a thing as I have only recently arrived.

  2. Yep and .... Fudge did it. Oh I'm getting ahead of myself here, so sorry.

    What one needs of course is an anonymous blog with a different location etc then the gritty stories could roll out.

  3. It's funny how a blog seems to adopt a life of it's own so I think it would probably be quite hard to change the style of posts here.

    An anonymous blog. Now that's something that I hadn't thought of! It will have to have a cryptic title - any suggestions?

  4. Fudgeland, it's fantastic ... what do you mean you don't like it!

    he he xx

  5. That just does not tick the 'anonymous' box I'm afraid!