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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Calendar Boys

'It is traditional', I was told when I first arrived in Normandy 'for the local firemen to come round to your house at Christmas to give you a calendar in exchange for a small donation.' Great!! Having a penchant for fireman this was an occasion I anticipated eagerly even though I would have to wait for 8 months for their arrival on my doorstep. Disappointingly, when the day duly arrived only one fireman turned up and he had his son in tow! Damn!! Never mind, I paid up and was given my calendar. Oh NO! Further disappointment. They were all pictured fully clothed and running around with bits of fireman paraphenalia demonstrating noble, firemanly acts. There was even a photo of one of them getting married. Like I cared!

So yesterday I was quite thrilled to go to Laval Christmas market and bump into the lads of the local Rugby club ....selling calendars. My first thought after a cursory glance was ' thank you,' but a closer inspection revealed that each page was illustrated with photos of these lovely boys as nature intended, their modesty intact due, as you will no doubt have guessed, to the discreet positioning the odd rugby ball.
So thank you boys - that 90 minute drive to Laval was well worth the effort!

Photo from the 2010 calendar of the Rugby Club Lavallois. Visit their website here


  1. I think our Calendar Girls here in North Yorkshire probably started that idea of posing in the nude for calendars.
    Love the doogie - is it a Border Terrier - I have one and she looks very similar.

  2. A great idea from Yorkshire! Perhaps we should have a Blogging Babes calendar!
    Yes Fudge is Border Terrier with a bit of something else, possibly Lakeland? She is very much like your dog - great company!! I can very much identify with your posts that mention Tess!

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  4. Beats the pants off anything M&S have in store this year, tee hee!

  5. I know this is going to sound like I'm missing the point, but why only 8 of the team. Even allowing for the fact that it's Rugby leage there should be at least 13 and a far more gererous 15 for Union. While I'm at it one can plainly see that there there wouldn't seem to me to be enough weight up front for a half decent pack! And as for the gentleman on the far left, there is no way he's going to be able to make a good clean pass holding his balls like that!

  6. Ah Mr lemur - I see you have too much time on your hands! Shouldn't you be at work?

  7. OMG, that is hilarious. Akin to our fireman calendars I would imagine!