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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Drama Queen

Two weeks ago I had to miss Drama lessons. The following week, having had a break, my nerve failed me and and I decided to skip another session. This week I resolutely set of in the dark (the class starts at 8.45 pm - more like cocoa-time than going-out time!) and arrived as other members of la troupe were also piling into the hall.

I quite like the obligatory kissing routine with everyone, they always seem genuinely pleased to see me, " Bonsoir Alison! Ca va?"... Kiss, Kiss.... x 15 ! They then stand around chatting and this is where I am really acting, pretending to understand the social banter ...already the post-kissing glow is wearing off a bit.

Straight up onto the stage...and into the sheep we are walking around we are told to mutter to ourselves absently...I am good at this having had lots of practice at home. We are then told to look at objects on the stage and to name them in an imaginary language. Then the teacher tells us that one of us is to be the professeur and we have to teach the rest of the class a proverb in our new language. We walk round and Sylvie steps up to take the class. She is so very convincing as she babbles away at us and we gradually grasp what she is going on about. It is quite hilarious and I remember that there is a fun side to these sessions. The exercise is amazing as it is really like having to understand a totally foreign language. It is exactly what I experience every time I come here!

Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to be the teacher - there is no way I can do it.

a. At first I can't think of any proverbs
b. Then I think of 'a stitch in time..etc' but will the others understand it?
c. Finally, I am so panic stricken at the thought that I might have to do it that I can't even remember any of the made-up words that I might use - my brain is in total lock down!

Why do I subject myself to this torment .... just for a bit of kissing? There is sometimes a bonus in that someone bakes a cake that we all share and yesterday Katerine made some very nice cookies. By the end of it all however I am feeling fairly stupid and when I am in the car I desperately try to run through the exercise to myself. Loudly, I instruct an imaginary class but find that even in the privacy of my own 'voiture' it's hard to do. Have I a shortage of brain cells? Where did I lose them? I wonder how I will ever memorize any of the script if I ever make as far as putting on the 'spectacle'...............


  1. It all sounds incredibly exciting, even memorizing that script! You will do fantastic, I just know it. Happy almost weekend to you ~

  2. You are more optimistic than me. They will probably want to keep me off the stage at all costs andI will end up being given the job of selling programmes!
    I hope you have a nice week-end too!

  3. Hey, it wouldn't be so rewarding if it was easy.
    I think you're so brave to even turn up to the class.
    Go girl.
    ...just make sure someone is recording the show for your blog!!

  4. There is no way I'd be able to do, so proud of you for challenging yourself.

    What's that saying, try one new thing each day...or is that week, I'm not sure. Anyway you sure as heck have ticked that box.

    Your page setup is different, Fudge has gone :(

    That's a good idea to put the link in for Orchard.


  5. I have been fiddling around as I thought perhaps it was a bit boring having the same old stuff. Maybe it's not a good idea to get rid of the real celebrity though! I think I'll have to reinstate her!

  6. Very courageous. Your braver than me, I think i'd struggle going to an english drama class. P.S. Frankie and Libby are counting down the day's till they see Fudge again