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Friday, 1 January 2010

Fledgling Hours

Pamela Terry's beautiful writing From the House of Edward never fails to inspire. Each of her posts is a delight and today's is no exception. In her description of the passing of the old year and the coming in of the new, she writes of 'a fledgling congregation of hours'.....'every one a sparkling second chance.' Pamela's words seemed so apt this morning when I went out for an early walk. The air was cold and still, the countryside was hushed. A heron flapped slowly along the valley and we disturbed a huge buzzard, which rose up to take shelter in the nearby copse of trees. As we made our way along the lane the sun crept over the horizon, tinting the clouds with an orange glow. Within a few minutes the sun was up and the colours had fled leaving the 'unwritten' new day, new year and new decade stretching out ahead.
Magical moments but now it's back to reality and I am getting 'Le Pressoir' (one of the gites)ready for it's next occupants who are due to arrive tomorrow. Mr Lemur and family are moving over here permanently and will be staying in the gite for a little while until their house is ready, so this is really an exciting new year for them. You can follow their progress on his blog, and for a different perspective look at what Cheeky Lemur has to say!
So.... I must get back to work!!
A Happy New Year to all visitors to the other side of Eden


  1. Alison wishing you a magnificent 2010. I too adore Pamela's ability to write so beautifully. She's a tremendous person and poet.

    the photo of your dog is absolutely adorable. Happy New Year to you xx

  2. Yes I love Pamela's writing too. But I also enjoyed your walk this morning and the photograph. Happy New Year to you all.

  3. Gosh your writing sounds beautiful. What a lovely place to live. Good luck with the preparations.

    Must check out the house of Edward,

  4. Oh that comment made me laugh Alison, it would certainly cause some excitment!xx