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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Early Bird

Easter came a week early to La Foucaudiere this year. On Sunday my neighbours' daughter Libby, appeared on the doorstep with a lovely chocolate chicken for me!! "We have just been into Tinchebray and have got you this....HAPPY EASTER!! And we have just had an Easter Egg Hunt !"
Well, I have been bit a confused this year too, as Easter is so late in April, but I was was sure that Libby was a week early with her choccy offering. Never mind - it's never a bad thing to have the chance to celebrate Easter twice.
Meanwhile the sun is shining and all the apple blossom is out and the Normandy countryside is looking it's best. Fudge was feeling the heat yesterday and had to have her winter coat trimmed so she now looks super sleek and summery!

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